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"In the midst of all the changes, Harriet finds herself thinking about the way that it used to be, before her parents divorced. Now that she, Dad, Emily and Cooper are all living together she realises that there is absolutely no hope of her parents ever getting back together. Her head droops until her chin almost touches her chest. She shuffles her feet and kicks at the ground. She sighs. Living with Emily and Cooper is ruining everything!".

When a parent re-marries following a divorce, children can react with a whole host of different emotions. They cannot stop their emotions from coming. They will feel what they feel and accepting and understanding what it is they are feeling can be hard. Harriet’s Expanding Heart follows a young girl’s emotional experiences surrounding her father re-partnering and their stepfamily beginnings. It offers children a chance to explore and name the various feelings they themselves might feel as a result of a parent re-partnering.

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