Rachel is a nationally registered psychologist and the author of three picture books that assist a child’s emotional adjustment as they navigate a new family structure - ‘Max’s Divorce Earthquak', ‘Harriet’s Expanding Heart’ and 'Milly's Parent Airport'.

Rachel has worked in a range of private, public and non-government organisational settings across New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia. For the past 20 years she has worked with, and supported, children, young people and their parents/carers who are in situations of family conflict, separation and divorce. She also has a keen interest in stepfamilies and in supporting parents, stepparents and co-parents who are working hard to make shared care work.

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It is through her work with families in the process of reorganising themselves after divorce or re-partnering that Rachel learned how important it is for adults to provide their children with both the language and opportunity to talk about their feelings when experiencing changes in family structure. She also enjoys reading and believes that books can be a tremendous help in explaining significant (and often difficult) life events to children.

Originally from New Zealand, Rachel now lives in Sydney with her family, which includes her beloved pet schnauzer 'Maxie'. She currently consults privately from The Relationspace in Sydney’s CBD to families facing transition, loss, growth and change. She provides crucial support and guidance not only to children, young people and their parents, but to lawyers, judges and others who are often on the front lines of family break down.

You can connect with Rachel on Facebook and Instagram @kinshipbooks