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Harriet's Expanding Heart

Harriet's Expanding Heart

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It is normal for children living in stepfamilies to have lots of different feelings and to feel different things at different times.

Harriet’s Expanding Heart follows a young girl’s emotional experiences surrounding her father re-partnering and their stepfamily beginnings. This book offers children a chance to explore, name and understand the various feelings they might feel as a result of a parent re-partnering following divorce.

This lovely picture book is aimed for children of ages between 4 to 9 years. It is both a sensitive story and an insightful guide for parents, stepparents, family members and therapeutic professionals who seek to support young children cope with the feelings generated by family break down and remarriage. Tips from psychologist and author, Rachel Brace are included in the back of the book about how parents and carers can help their children adjust and to cope with their new family situation.

Teaching notes available

"📖 I absolutely love this book! I really felt Harriet’s pain. On each page the author has written the way that Harriet could be feeling. This is a brilliant way to discuss the topics of big feelings, blended families, step siblings and step parents! The emotions that Harriet goes through are totally understandable and we are completely drawn in! The illustrations reflect Harriet’s feeling perfectly. They are absolutely beautiful, immersive and captivating!
Harriet’s story is compelling and is definitely one that many children are going through. This wonderful book about big feelings and big changes. It is brilliant for opening some very difficult discussions! The author has included fantastic tips at the back about how to support your children when re partnering! Highly recommend. It really touched my heart!" @inclusive_childrens_books

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