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Books to help kids process emotionally difficult things such as separation, divorce, shared care and stepfamily living

Max's Divorce Earthquake front cover

Max's Divorce Earthquake

Max's Divorce Earthquake

Harriet's Expanding Heart

Harriet's Expanding Heart

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Reviews Max's Divorce Earthquake

Max’s story can be read over and over. I think each child will take something away as they navigate through the different emotions, and ups and downs that come with the upheaval of divorce. This is a resource that any parent going through a separation needs to have. I wish I had something like this at my challenging time for both my understanding and my boys.

Emma, mother of two, divorcee

This book is a lovely guide to help parents talk to children about their feelings and to help parents understand how their children might be feeling when their family changes as a result of parental separation

Rhondda Matthews, Social Worker, The Family Relationship Network

In this comforting and beautiful book, Max’s Divorce Earthquake gives children meaningful images and language to help them understand the complex, changing and often difficult feelings that can surround divorce. A wonderful addition to any family going through change, or a professional supporting children experiencing divorce. Highly recommended.

Michelle Montgomery, Head of Programs, KidsXpress

Brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated. I will be making sure it's used in our school as a resource to help our kids in divorced and separated families.

Sarah, Classroom Teacher & Librarian