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Milly's Parent Airport

Milly's Parent Airport

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"Today is a see you later and great to see you kind of day.

Milly’s mum and stepdad call such days changeovers.

Her teacher calls them transitions.

Milly smiled. She prefers to think of days like today as an airport day.”

Milly’s parents are divorced. Not only does Milly have to contend with not seeing both parents and all of her siblings every day but she must also regularly switch between two homes. Like any child living in a shared care arrangement,  frequent changeovers are completely unavoidable and can leave Milly feeling a little vulnerable and apprehensive. Milly likens her experience of changeovers to being at an airport, a parent airport. Although she mostly experiences a smooth ride, each flight has the potential to involve at least a few jumps and shakes. After all, frequent change can be hard.

A warm and reassuring picture book with colourful illustrations, Milly‘s Parent Airport will help children - and parents and carers - understand and cope with the vast array of (often big) feelings children can experience as they regularly transition between two homes. Milly’s story also gives children a way to talk about and explore their feelings surrounding family, shared care and changeovers with all those that care for them.

Milly’s Parent Airport is aimed at 4 to 8 year olds who live and move between two homes in a shared care arrangement. Tips from psychologist and author, Rachel Brace are included in the back of the book for parents and carers to assist in creating an emotionally supportive environment for children around changeovers.

"Relatable, realistic and insightful. Milly's Parent Airport provides a glimpse into what transition days can look like for kids of divorce. The detailed illustrations and positive dialogue between Milly and her family emulates ideal responses and attitudes on transition days. With tips for parents and carers and genuine and relatable insight into the thoughts and feelings of kids on transition days, I highly recommend Milly's Parent Airport for all." Bella Duncan, founder of 'A Kid With Two Homes'

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